The origins

The Catabbo’s cellars were created by Vincenzo’s intuition, who at the time, in the ’90s, he was engaged in the wholesale trade of cereals and grains; a job which led him to travel a lot, both in Italy and abroad, and to compete with different realities…


According to Molisani “Tintilia” is nothing but a derivation of the name from the dialect word “Tenta” (Hue) in Molise is also called “Tintiglia” or “Tentiglia” given the particular features of this grape staining
(= dye Tentiglia ) of dark red any garment.

Legend says that the Tintilia could be the name of the Sardinian variety known as “Bovale Sardo or Bovale Grande”, but the results of genetic analysis have been loyal to the expectations: in fact, 21 of the 22 samples of Tintilia examined were perfectly identical between them and all  …

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