Tasting Box (11 Wines)


Bring home all the flavors and aromas of our cellar thanks to the exclusive Tasting Box, sold at a promotional price.


The box consists of 11 wines:

“Vincè” Tintilia del Molise Riserva Dop
“Colle Cervino” Tintilia del Molise Dop
Tintilia S Dop 2015
“Colle del Limone” Falanghina del Molise Dop
“I Diecettari” Molise Rosso Dop
Petriera Rosso IGP
Petriera Bianco PGI
Petriera Rosato (obtained from Tintilia grapes) PGI
Tinduce (Passito obtained from Tintilia grapes)
Ancestrale Rosato (New, obtained from Tintilia grapes)
AncestraleBianco (New, obtained from Falanghina grapes)

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