• Falanghina in Anfora 2022


      Deep straw yellow, in which golden flashes shine. The olfactory picture immediately returns the well-articulated bouquet, identifying Falanghina: Light notes of ripe exotic fruit, pineapple, yellow melon with a marked floral note of fragrant chamomile and a finish of almonds and pepper. The entrance on the palate is seductive, rich, fresh and mineral.

      With the aging in Amphora we wanted to offer a new and different version of this vine;

      The use of cocciopesto has allowed us to keep the value of the grapes intact: fruit, elegance, combined with an evolution of the wine linked to micro-oxygenation, so as to have greater sweetness in the mouth.

    • Tasting Box (11 Wines)


      Bring home all the flavors and aromas of our cellar thanks to the exclusive Tasting Box, sold at a promotional price.

    • Tinduce (Vino Passito)


      Tinduce is obtained from 100% Tintilia grapes, harvested by hand during the second decade of November, after a careful selection of the bunches.After fermentation, the wine is then decanted and placed in French oak barrels for a good aging of about 18 months .

    • Petriera Rosso 2021


      Ruby red color with soft violet hints. Intense and characteristic bouquet, fruity, with a black cherries  fragrance and  slight hints of geranium. Taste, dry and harmonious with notes of toasted cofee.

    • Petriera Rosè 2022


      An intense and brilliant cherry-red color, this wine offers sweet and richly fruity aromas with notes of raspberries, woodland strawberries, cherries  and slight hints of rose and oleander.

      The palate is fresh and balanced with a fruity and persistent aftertaste.

    • Petriera Bianco 2022


      It shows a a light straw yellow with brilliant green reflections. The nose is delicate and elegant with its floreal scents, notes of ripe fruit, and hints of citrus fruit.

      The palate is supple but vibrant, tasteful and well structured, characterized by the elegant  mineral sensations .

    • Noviss Rosè


      Grapes: Tintilia

      Vinification: careful vinification of Tintilia grapes . Soft pressing. Then start a slow fermentation in autoclave .

      Maturation: On its own yeast for 3/4 months, 3 months in bottle

      Tasting notes: Light pink colour, this wine offers pleasant and charming aromas of sweet fruit,  raspberries, woodland strawberries, cherries  and slight hints of rose and oleander.The palate is fresh and balanced with a fruity and persistent aftertaste.

      Food Pairings: It is perfect with salads, appetizers,  fish courses and pizza.

    • I Diecettari – Molise Rosso DOP 2017


      Ruby red with slightly purple at the rim. The nose immediately perceives fresh violet, to which a note of rosemary is added; quickly emerges as protagonist the spicy notes of black pepper and a final hint of citrusy blood orange. It is in the mouth that the wine confirms its uniqueness, with prominent presence of sharptannin that takes us to the epilogue adorned with black forest berries.

    • Colle del Limone – Falanghina del Molise DOP 2022


      Straw yellow, in which golden flares shine. The olfactory framework immediately release the bouquet, well articulated, identifying the falanghina: ripe tropical fruit, pineapple, Canary melon with a distinct floral note of fragrant chamomile and a final close to cotton candy. To the mouth, this wine seduces, confirming the hints of tropical fruit, its freshness perfectly balances of its alcoholic soul. If we have the patience to let the wine reach warmer temperatures, we can discover the note of a delicious liqueur with saffron, elegant homage of its fermentation in barrique.

    • Vincè – Tintilia Riserva 2019


      The spirited and jovial red ruby can fool even the most skilled one in predicting what scents will be encountered. In fact, to the nose we are hit by a wave of various scents among which predominates a sweet spice, resting on a bed of cherry liqueur and surrounded by violet petals. With every passing minute cocoa and putty rubber are clearly arising, with no exclusion of a hint of sweet tobacco. On the palate licorice shows up, worthily accompanied by cherry liqueur; the long persistence of the drink is supported by a wonderful tannin countered by its enviable alter ego of freshness.

    • Colle Cervino – Tintilia del Molise Rosso DOP 2018


      The ruby red with reflections bordering on orange, does not let light easily pass through, allowing the sense of smell to detect the first signs. Slowly emerges undisputed the ripe red fruit note, which features cherry, accompanied by light and elegant vegetal notes with a dried flowers and licorice ending. The taste is warm and soft with tannin that has already reached its elegance, despite it being well tamed; sensations of licorice and spices may be recalled, and in the long lasting ending we reach a hint of a chocolate with cherry liqueur.

    • Tintilia S 2018


      It ‘s an impenetrable ruby red color that greets us, with a pale purple reflections. The nose is initially shy even though it reveals distinctly red berries combined with nutmeg. Allowing it to rest for a while, the oxygen will make it more available to the contact: this wine gives us a mint, and a balsa wood to appreciate slowly, surrounded by violet petals. To the mouth softness and warmth lie at every corner of the palate, showing a well-directed tannin combined with a fair dose of freshness. Memories of plum jam, vanilla, sweet tobacco and chocolate emerge, whose elegant assembly would not abandon your mouth whether you wanted it or not.

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