The Origins

The Catabbo’s cellars were created by Vincenzo’s intuition, who at the time, in the ’90s, he was engaged in the wholesale trade of cereals and grains; a job which led him to travel a lot, both in Italy and abroad, and to compete with different realities.

As soon as he purchased his first lands, located on the slopes of San Martino in Pensilis, he immediately realized they were not very suitable for grain cultivation, mainly due to the many stones … (hence the name of Contrada Petriera given to the extension on which stands the first Catabbo companies).

On a day like any other, he found himself talking to an elder peasant, who jealously guarded a few maps of the rare Tintilia vine.

It was 1997 when for fun, it was planted 1/2 hectare in the Contrada Petriera!


During one of his travels, in France, driven by one strong curiosity, he went to visit Bordeaux first and then Burgundy lands, discovering very different ways of conceiving wine; but one thing the two French worlds had in common: the extreme care of the vineyards, a real art forms!

From here the lighting: “Make good wine starting from the vineyards!

This is how the Catabbo Cellars were born: from a chance encounter, the one with a peasant, from the “rediscovery” of an undone vine, the Tintilia, and from a trip to France, which clarified Vincenzo’s ideas about his future!

A family story

In 2004, thanks to the aptitude of his children Sarah, Carla and Pasquale, decides to make a change to the company, creating a modern cellar for the vinification of his grapes, paying especial attention to the enhancement of the quality of the wines produced; in this project, the rediscovery and vinification of native variety “Tintilia”, takes on a primary role.

Looking to the future

Thanks to the care of the vineyards, situated on terrains particularly gifted and the use of modern winemaking techniques, today the company has received numerous awards in national and foreign markets.

Wine Cellar

Conceived with new technologies for the obtaining of great quality wines:
– fully air conditioned environments
– the latest generation of wine-making machines
– soft presses for a delicate extraction
– winemakers of modern invention to get the best from the pomace
– the prized French oak barrels to reveal sweet aromatic notes


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